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"Brandon does a great job. My yard is completely weed free and green. He is very prompt, responsive to questions, and friendly. I have used other herbicide / fertilizer service providers in the past and Brandon provides much better service and better results. I would highly recommend him to anyone."  
- Brodie B.

About Five Star Fertilizing & Weed Control

We take great pride in treating your lawn with the same amount of care we did the first time.

Rockwall Based, no funny business and no contracts. No locked-in commitment on your end makes us accountable for keeping you and your lawn happy (greener and thicker). 

We count on your satisfaction. The best part is that we can beat our competitors prices! 

Word of mouth is our #1 marketing tool.

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Five Star Fertilizing will create a year-round custom lawn fertilization plan for your lawn and its specific needs. This plan will provide your lawn with the vital nutrients it needs to make it lush and beautiful. 

Lawn Fertilization

License # 0803541 

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Weed Control

Before undertaking your lawn's weed infestation, Five Star will identify which types of weeds are creating problems in your yard. This first step is imperative as it will lead the way to creating a customized plan of attack for your lawn. 

Ants & Insects

Fire ants and other invasive insects can ruin your lawn. They can even pose a threat to your loved one’s health. Keep your lawn insect-free with our pest control service and we will make sure your family and your lawn are safe. 

No Contracts, Just Satisfied Customers.

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Local & Family Owned

Tree and Shrub Care

As part of your service, Five Star Fertilizing will inspect your trees, plants, and shrubs for signs of disease and insect damage. Not only does fertilization make your plants, shrubs, and trees grow, but it also keeps them in tip-top health. 

Lawn Aeration

To have a beautiful, lush lawn, aeration is key. During the year, your soil can become compacted making it hard for your oxygen to get to the roots of the grass. This can also make it difficult for your lawn to get the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and lush. It's like exfoliation but for your lawn instead of your body!

Take a look into why your neighbors are choosing Five Star Fertilizing & Weed Control as the best Fertilizing Business in the Rockwall area. 

1. FIVE STAR COMMUNICATION: If we had a nickel for every time we had a “converted” customer from a big name company, we just might not be in the lawn fertilizing business anymore. We know that our customers appreciate a friendly phone call or text message the day prior to their treatment. We come when we say we are going to. 

2. UNIQUE LAWN CARE: Your lawn has its own fingerprint. Every lawn deserves to have its care fit to its individual needs. What your neighbor's lawn needs could be different than yours. We customize your treatment to match your lawns needs. 

3. SAME FACE EVERY TIME: You will know our name and we will know yours. You will never have a revolving door of servicemen at your home. We like to keep things simple and you satisfied. 

4. NO UPCHARGING: You’ll always know the price of your upcoming treatment. There are no surprises and no spontaneous treatments that you will find out after the fact. If we feel like your lawn can benefit from a specific treatment, we will communicate that with you and give you an option to do it, no pressure, ever. 

5. WE KNOW YOUR DOGS’ NAME: We like what we do and that has a lot to do with liking getting to know our customers. We also love dogs! Sometimes the dogs are as excited to see us as we are excited to see them. We make sure to save an extra minute or two on our favorite pet homes so that we can tell Buddy "Hi" too!

Why Choose Us



Family owned

"I’ve only had a couple of treatments so far, but my yard already looks significantly better. Nice green grass with no weeds in sight. The “your yard looks great” comments keep coming! Brandon has been very responsive to questions and even stopped what he was doing to say hello to my dogs so they would calm down. Five star indeed!"  

- Robert M.

"If there were more stars this company would get more stars. After only 2 treatments, I promise my yard looks healthier than several years with the previous well know lawn company. After yrs of complaining to previous company we still had clover & crab grass. Only 2 treatments with 5 Star and I can’t find a single weed. My neighbors are going to be so jealous. Want a strong health yard & technicians that listen to home owners, please do yourself a favor and call 5 STAR today."  

- Cindy A.


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How do I get started?

There are multiple ways to get started. You can call or text the main line at 972-890-0622 or email Brandon will answer any questions that you have and schedule to come give you an estimate. Most are given same day or next day.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we do not require contracts as we believe you should be able to have the freedom to change companies whenever you like if you are unsatisfied with our service.

How many treatments do I need?

This varies from lawn to lawn but for a guaranteed Five Star lawn year round, we recommend 8 treatments per year.

How often should I water?

In the peak heat of summer, you should be watering twice a week at 15-20 minutes per zone. This should be equivalent to one inch of water per week. We can answer any of your watering questions throughout the year specific to your lawn. We will also give you any recommendations if we see your lawn could benefit from it.

What can I expect before and after treatment?

You can expect a text/call/email the night before treatment to give you notice when we will be there the following day. After treatment you can expect details of what we did and any specific instructions or recommendations. Brandon is available in between treatments to answer any questions that you have.

Before & After Photos